MeraNews Network, Ahmedabad: Gujarat Education minister and senior BJP leader Bhupendrasinh Chudasama has found himself in troubled waters again after his application to reject a petition seeking cancellation of Chudasma’s election result that declared him the winner in the 2017 Gujarat Legislative Assembly Elections, has been rejected by the Gujarat High Court.

The Gujarat High Court said that a hearing will take place soon on the petition demanding the cancellation of election results declaring Chudasama the winner. The senior BJP leader had contested the assembly elections from the Dholka seat. His competitor Ashwin Rathod petitioned in the High Court that he was winning the elections according to the EVM votes, but in order to make Chudasama win, the election commission conspired with him and ensured that he won by 150 votes. Bhupendrasinh made a counter application to the High Court seeking rejection of Rathod’s petition claiming that once the election commission declares the result, it should not be overturned and that the high court must not interfere in it.

After hearing the arguments and counter-arguments from both the parties, the High Court rejected Chudasama’s application and said that it would go ahead and hear Ashwin Rathod’s plea.

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