MeraNews Network, Surat: The Gujarat Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has stumbled upon a new scam by the Gujarat State Development Corporation (GSLDC), which was previously hit by the farm-pond scam where officials had siphoned of crores of rupees meant for building farm ponds in farmlands for irrigation. In this new scam, officials are believed to have guzzled down about Rs 80 lakhs by showing 20 water tank constructions on paper.

Niravsinh Gohil, the in-charge of Surat ACB said, “The same set of officials who had done the farm pond scam had on paper shown the construction of 20 water tanks at Sajnibarda, Dhamni, Sadadvera and Hanmatmal village at the cost of Rs 80,20,188. The cops have filed charges against 21 officials of the GSLDC.

According to the records, 11 water tanks were built during the 10-day period between 18/12/2017 to 28/12/2017 at the cost of Rs 41,55,424, while during the 3-day period from 30/10/2017 to 1/11/2017 three water tanks (one in Dhamni and two in Bilpudi) were constructed at the cost of Rs 15,72,400. Further, in the 2 days from 8/11/2017 to 10/11/2017 six water tanks were built in Hanmatmal and Sadadvera at the cost of Rs 22,92,364. All these only remain in paper and the money mentioned was siphoned off by these corrupt officials.

Given below are the officials-contractors who have been charged for corruption:

  1. Pravin Balchandra Premal (Incharge Regulation Officer, GSLDC Dharampur)
  2. Kamlesh Ramhosila Tiwari (Contractor)
  3. Yusuf Abdul Rehman Bhikha (Regional inspector, Dharampur)
  4. Rohan alias Rohit Vijaysinh Rajpur (Contractor)
  5. Ramesh V Mudaliyar (Contractor)
  6. Anil Ramesh Tiwari (Contractor)
  7. Aditya Vijaysinh Rajput (Contractor)
  8. Vishwas Chauhan (Contractor)
  9. Sufiyan Yusuf Bhikha (Contractor)
  10. Mitesh Khumar (Contractor)
  11. Omprakash Chaudhury (Contractor)
  12. Jayanti Patel (Contractor)
  13. Hitesh G Sonar (Contractor)
  14. Kaushik Parmar (Contractor)
  15. Punamram Bhanwarlal Chaudhury (Contractor)
  16. Mustaq Ayyub Bala (Contractor)
  17. Pravin Thaibante (Contractor)
  18. Anand Vishnu Brahmbhatt (Contractor)
  19. Jijesh Vasu (Contractor)

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