Mumbai: It is no hidden fact that most of the general public consider motorcycle riding an easier way to be checked into a hospital. Not surprising then this sentiment has had an adverse effect on motorcycle sales.

To overcome this, many big manufacturers like Ducati (Ducati Motorcycles To Get Radar) and KTM (KTM Developing Sensor-Based Active Safety Technology) have been developing futuristic laser- and radar-based technologies to avoid accidents and collisions. Now, an Israeli startup has joined the bandwagon with its ‘Collision Aversion Technology’ (CAT).

The aptly named startup, Ride Vision, has introduced a camera system that warns the rider if a vehicle comes too close for comfort. This system works with the help of two cameras fitted at the front and rear of the motorcycle. They cover an area of 180 degrees each, giving the system a combined all-around view of the road.

While this may sound simple in theory, applying it in practice is another challenge. There are tons of factors to consider. No two motorcycles are exactly alike. If you were to fit this system on every motorcycle, you'd need to recalibrate the cameras to every bike's size, shape, and design. Then there is also the matter of keeping it light and compact so as to not add more weight to the ride.

Clearly, with many concerns to address, it is hard to tell if this technology will ever see the light of the day. For example, the ECU needs to be smart enough to differentiate a potential threat from a bike or a car, along with more information. On the brighter side though, the company has raised 2.5 million dollars in funding, which should enable them with the required R&D of the product.

While the Knight Rider-esque motorcycles are still a few good years away, this certainly can be called a step in the right direction. Rest assured we will be bringing you every update involving rider safety technology.

Source: Zigwheels