MeraNews Network, Rajkot: At a time when the state has been rattled by the death of 111 children in 5 months at the Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences in Bhuj, new reports emerge of the death of 164 new-born children in the past 4 months since January 2018 in the government-run K.T. Children's Hospital in Rajkot. This comes at a horrifying average of about 40 deaths per month. What's more shocking is that in 2017, 912 new-born children had died in the hospital and so far no steps have been taken on how to prevent and being down the child-mortality rate here.

In the year 2017, total 7270 children were born in the government hospital, out of which 912 children died shortly after their birth. While in 2018, 2160 children were born in the hospital since January. That means, the child mortality rate this year at the hospital has been 7.5 percent so far, while in the years 2017 it was 12.61 percent. The hospital has claimed the reasons for these deaths to be different but natural causes.

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