MeraNews Network, Narmada: A local court in Narmada district on Thursday convicted two police inspectors for custodial torture and sentenced them to nine months of imprisonment and one thousand rupees penalty.

The case dates back to 2009 when the local cops had arrested a person from some crime. But police inspector JD Dangarwala and head constable Vinu Patadiya thrashed him badly in police custody to satisfy a personal vendetta they had with the accused. Dangarwala is infamous for his extra-judicial punishment and activities, complaints regarding which have been made to the police commissioner and local courts too. But Dangarwala would escape action using his influence and power.

Patadiya is currently posted in Vadodara as a police inspector with the CID Crime branch, while Dangarwala is posted in Navsari. The cops were convicted after all the proofs presented by the plaintiff and the statements by the witnesses proved their crime.

Gujarat DGP Shivanand Jha had recently ordered all the police officials to desist from torturing accused persons in the custody after several incidents of cops marching the accused in public and thrashing them have come out.