Ahmedabad: Taking note of the fact that the state government has been unable to implement the provisions of reservation according to the orders from the Public Service Commission, Gujarat High Court judge Paresh Upadhyay said that if the state fails in implementing the provisions, it should consider getting president’s rule in the state.

A petition was filed in the Gujarat high court last year complaining that the candidates falling under the reserved category were being subjected to injustice by the public service commission. The applicant claimed that state authorities were purposely not filling in the vacancies that are for those who fall under the reserved category and instead were using laws to ensure that these vacancies too go to the general category applicants. The high court demanded an answer from the state, who, in November, asked for a period of three months to respond. After the time period lapsed and the court began its hearings again, the state government asked for more time.

This didn’t go down well with Justice Paresh Upadhyay, who in a terse tone, ticked off the government saying the high court believes the state and the advocate general are purposely not ensuring implementation of the provisions of reservation. And if it is unable to get the provisions implemented properly, the state should consider having the president’s rule over it. This statement from the Gujarat high court comes at a time when pitched battles were fought across the state in the recent times over the burning issue of reservations.