Prashant Dayal(Deewal Part-60): It has been eight years since they came to Sabarmati Central Jail. Mohammed was still the different man from his company, who spoke the least. But he was always thinking about something. He had tried to get bail for Parvez and Yusuf from 13 different courts in past 8 years, but every court rejected their bail application and was not ready to believe that both these men have no connections with the blasts. Even Parvez and Yusuf have now given up hope that they'd ever come out of the prison, and had adjusted to the life of imprisonment. There was a special courtroom set up inside the jail premises and all the hearings related to the blasts case were conducted there. Since past few months, Mohammed had a visible change in his behavior. He had become aggressive. He'd get into tiffs with other inmates frequently now. Previously, he was known to behave well even with the jail guards, but now every time he'd see a guard, it was like showing a red cloth to a raging bull. Mohammed and his accomplices weren't allowed to go out of their barracks, but he told the jail authorities that he and his accomplices wish to study and thus they were now allowed to go out of their barracks. Every day when the police would take them out of their barracks to their classrooms, Mohammed would try to understand the geography of the prison while on their way. Mohammed had already informed his accomplices of his idea, but he didn't want anyone to know when and how was he going to execute his plans. And given Mohammed's behavior, no one even dared to ask him anything. Going out to study, getting into tiffs with other inmates, making false allegations on the jail authorities, all these were a part of his plan which was going well so far. Even Yunus, who was the closest to Mohammed, could not understand why he was behaving in this manner.

In the past eight years, the jail authorities never felt that Mohammed and his accomplices were accused of something as serious as the bomb blasts. But since last four months, these convicts had become the cause of a headache to the jail administration. If there was anyone who had no clue about what was happening around and didn't even care about it, it was Yusuf. He was always in his own song. He'd sometimes unknowingly go up to Mohammed and ask him blankly on why has he changed so much.Mohammed would smirk at his innocence and place a hand on Yusuf's head, he'd say, "Batka, where have I changed? I am still the same person" Batka always found Mohammed to be the closest to him. In the past eight years, Mohammed has left no stone unturned to get Yusuf and Parvez out, but failed to do so and Mohammed repented it. It was the court hearing today and the inmates were brought into the courtroom inside the prison. They were surprised to see the changes in their seating arrangements. There was a curtain between their seats and the judge's dais. When Yunus inquired with a policeman about this change, he scolded them saying, "You people never stand up in respect of the judge, so now the curtain will be moved once the judge comes and takes his seat." Hearing this, Mohammed gave out a laugh. He knew his plans were working well now. After a few minutes, there was an announcement made about the judge's arrival. A few moments late, the curtains were opened as the judge had taken his place. The bench clerk marked everyone's attendance by calling out their names as they raised hands.

Before the hearing began, the judge asked the inmates if they have anything to say. To everyone's surprise, Mohammed stood up and said that he has a complain to make. The cops and the crime branch sleuths looked at Mohammed and realized that he is again up to something new. Since last eight hearings, Mohammed would come up with some issues to the court. This time around, even his accomplices were not in the know of what Mohammed had in his head. "Go ahead, tell us what is your complaint?" asked the judge.

"Sir, the jail authorities have been misbehaving with us lately. They come unannounced into our barracks and start checking our belongings," said Mohammed. He then pointed towards the crime branch officials and said, "These men come in the name of checking and thrash us too." The crime branch officials and the jail staff began to look at each other, but they weren't much worried about the complaint as they expected the judge to only scold them once and let go of the matter.Mohammed continued, "Sir we'll suffer through this, it is fine. We are Muslims, we know we will have to face this. But now these people have an issue with us doing our namaaz too. They don't like it when we do our prayers five times a day." The judge was listening to everything Mohammed had to say with concentration, but he was not convinced and was finding it hard to believe these allegations. What Mohammed did next left everyone shocked. He pulled out a few torn pieces of paper from his pocket and showed it to the judges saying that the cops had torn their holy book Quran during one of their inspections a couple of days ago.

The judge looked at the jail staff and then towards Mohammed and his accomplices. The cops standing next to Mohammed tried to look into the papers that were in Mohammed's hand, and they could decipher only the fact that there was something written in Urdu in it, so the couldn't read it. The judge now looked at his stenographer who began to start taking notes. He spoke addressing the Jail IGP, There has been no change in the behavior of the jail police and the city crime branch officials even after they were reprimanded earlier for misbehaving with the inmates accused in the blasts case. The court has taken a serious note of it and orders the IGP to investigate into the matter and submit a report on the same within a week. The court also takes serious note of the jail officials damaging the Quran, holy book of Islam. This kind of behavior won't be tolerated and action will be taken against those found guilty of it." Mohammed smiled faintly upon hearing the judge's words. The thanked the judges and sat back on his place. He looked at Yunus from the side of his eye, who seemed to be very confused as he was not aware of anything related to the damaging of Quran. He was slightly miffed with the fact that Mohammed had actually torn off pages from the Quran just to execute his plan.

This is the 60th part of the serialized novel Deewal-The Story of Sabarmati Jailbreak Attempt by Prashant Dayal, the editor of