DCP HK Sinha drove towards Jalaram temple from Paldi cross roads. There was a tinge of excitement in him while he was riding a motorcycle, just like the feeling when one's father gifts a bike right after finishing school. Sometimes when someone would come on his way, Sinha would wonder how his driver navigated so well in such traffic. He was keeping an eye on the buildings and houses to ensure he was on the right route towards Law Garden. In the official vehicle, all he had to do was give the name of the place he wanted to visit and the driver, who knew all the routes in the city would take him there immediately. As he reached a crossroads after Jalaram temple, he saw the traffic flowing in from everywhere even though the green signal wasn't on. The traffic constable who has been on duty from 8 in the morning was present there just for the sake of it. He was sitting on a chair next to a sugarcane juice cart. Sinha went up to him on his bike and asked, "Which way to Law Garden?" The constable signalled with hand to go straight. As Sinha drove straight, he reached another crossroad that had a signboard in corner which read, Ravishankar Kala Bhavan. He looked around to see if he is in the vicinity. After about 100 metres, he reached near a park. Sinha gave out a sigh of relief as he finally reached the place. As he drove a little ahead, he saw the signboard of GLS College on his left. Sinha parked his motorcycle and waited, looking around for Rizwan to arrive.

As he reached the place, Sinha was struggling to find the bike stand to park his vehicle. As it has been a really long time for him to have driven a bike, he was having trouble in putting the bike on stand, which he found amusing amidst the mental pressure he was going through at that point. He saw a few college kids having fun outside the college. Sinha wondered how beautiful their lives are right now. He took out his phone and tried to call Rizwan, who didn't pick up the call. Sinha started to worry that the very first task he took on hand to do it himself won't be completed today. Meanwhile his phone flashed with a call, it was Rizwan. Sinha looked around trying hard to spot this fellow. He picked up the call and begins to speak, "Where are you Rizwan?? I am standing right outside the college... There is a sandwich cart next to me.... yes, it's called Karnavati Kacchi Dabeli..." as he ended the call, Rizwan came running. A surprised Rizwan looked at DCP Sinha seated on a motorcycle and began to laugh. The DCP of the city has come down to meet him alone, and that too on a motorcycle. Sinha too shared the laugh and said, You didn't wish to come down to crime branch as everyone knows you there, also your community is under our radar since sometime" As Rizwan was checking out the bike, Sinha added, "This my constable's vehicle, it was great fun riding a bike today. Come let’s have some tea." Rizwan ran towards the tea stall and brought in two small empty metal jars that people at the roadside stalls use sit while sipping tea.

Both of them took their seats and Rizwan signalled for tea. Rizwan began to speak after looking around if nobody is eavesdropping on them, "Sir this time, your work is a bit hard" Sinha was aware as this is how sources begin their conversations to stamp their importance. But this blast case was indeed very important and every small detail could be crucial for the investigation. Rizwan has been DCP Sinha's source since some years. He would pay him some money to get inputs on matters like sales of alcohol in the city and gambling. Sinha used to get thrills while conducting raids at the gambling and alcohol dens. But then he realised that such raids could be conducted even by some head constable too and there was no bravery in it. JCP Goud would tell him that alcohol and gambling has been going on since the ages of Mahabharat and Ramayan, we could take prohibitive steps but couldn't stop it. Thus he stopped taking part in raids like these after this. Sinha had 4-5 informers like Rizwan who'd give him valuable information regularly. As a young kid brought in tea, Sinha placed his palm on Rizwan's knee signalling him to pause. He took a sip from the tiny plastic cup of tea and placed it down. As Rizwan continued to speak, Sinha took out his phone and begun to type a message. He had his ears fixed to Rizwan's talk though. Sinha typed, "Sorry for the morning" A response came immediately, "It is okay, I have taken her to the hospital. She is doing better ash her fever had gone down. You don't worry; I wish to see your face in the papers. The DCP replied with a message "I love You", to which a reply came back, "2...3...4" the DCP smiled after reading the message and put the phone back into his pocket to continue his conversation with Rizwan.