Ahmedabad: As the CID investigation into the Bitcoin extortion case of Surat-based builder Shailesh Bhatt progressing, he has been accused of lying about a certain CBI official extorting Rs5 crores from him before the Amreli Police had come into picture and took away Bhatt's Bitcoins. Even the CID crime branch, who is investigating the matter was not ready to but their belief in him, but they've finally found some proofs and witnesses that claim the CBI being paid Rs5 crores in Gandhinagar via an angadiya firm by Bhatt.

According to Bhatt, he had paid Rs50 lakhs to CBI officer Sunil Nair in his office on 6th February, and the remaining 4.5 crores on the 9th February. The CID wanted to corroborate on whether such a transaction took, for which it summoned some of the employees of the angadiya form that dealt with the money and they did give the CID some valuable information. According to the angadiya firm employee's statement, Shailesh Bhatt had on February 2, sent Rs14 crores to Surat's P Vijaykumar's firm in the name of a certain PD Jadeja, of which Rs4 crores were paid on 8th February and Rs60 lakhs on 9th February in Gandhinagar. Thus there is now proof that Shailesh Bhatt got about Rs4.5 crores delivered in Gandhinagar.

This money was taken to Sunil Nair’s house by Kirit Paladiya, who is Shailesh Bhatt's business partner. While the CID is trying to establish the relation between Paladiya and Nair, Bhatt has now reached Delhi to meet Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and present his case to him. He will be then coming back to Gandhinagar in Gujarat to provide additional statements to the CID.